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Seachem Flourish Phosphorus Plant Care Solution

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Flourish Phosphorus is a safe solution (4,500 mg/L phosphate) of potassium phosphate that takes theguess work out of phosphate dosing.


Phosphorus supplement for the planted aquarium
A safe 4500 mg/L solution of potassium phosphate
Takes theguesswork out of phosphate dosing

Use 2.5ml (half a cap) for each 80L (20 USgallons) once or twice a week or as needed in response to signs of phosphorus deficiency (e.g. stuntedgrowth, plant darkgreen).

The beginner dose raises phosphorus by 0.05 mg/L (0.15 mg/L phosphate). The ideal phosphateLevel will vary, butgenerally ranges from 0.15-1.0 mg/L.

To target a specific phosphate increase, dose according to the following formula: 0.8vp=m, where v= volume of tank ingallons, p=desired phosphate increase and m=volume of product to use inml. For example to raise 20gallons to 0.1 mg/L phosphate you would use: 0.8*20*0.1=1.6ml.