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Seachem Flourish Nitrogen Plant Care Water Conditioner

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Flourish Nitrogen is a concentrated (15,000 mg/L) blend of nitrogen sources. It provides nitrogen in both the nitrate form and the plant-preferred ammonium form.


Nitrogen supplement for the planted aquarium
15,000 mg/L blend of nitrogen sources
Provides nitrogen in both the nitrate form and the ammonium form

Use 2.5ml (half a cap) for each 160L (40 USgallons) twice a week or as needed in response to signs of nitrogen deficiency (e.g. stuntedgrowth, chlorosis). For smaller doses, please note that each cap thread is approximately 1ml.

The beginner dose raises nitrogen by the same degree that 1 mg/L nitrate would. This dose is sufficient to provide approximately 4g ofgrowth (dry) or about 20g (hydrated) over a 1 month period (assuming all other necessary nutrients are provided). For increasedgrowth use proportionately more.

To target a specific nitrogen increase, dose according to the following formula: 0.25vn=m, where v= volume of tank ingallons, n=desired nitrogen increase (if using a "nitrate equivalent" value for "n" then use a factor of 0.05 instead of 0.25 in the formula) and m=volume of product to use inml. For example to raise 20gallons by 0.20 mg/L nitrogen you would use: 0.25*20*0.20=1ml.