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M-PETS Freestyle Tilt'd Raised Ceramic Bowl Black & White

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The URBAN STYLE TILTD Raised Ceramic Bowls by M-PETS are here to brighten up your home and take the hassle out of mealtimes! These sturdy ceramic bowls come in 2 different sizes and feature a funky design available in
color or black and white. The height of the bowls coupled with the tilted angle keeps food and water centered and easy to reach, making it easier for pets to eat and drink without getting whisker or neck fatigue.

Size 1
150 ml  (Bowl) 13.5 cm
10,5 x 10,6 x 8 cm – Ceramic

Size 2

250 ml –  (Bowl) 15.5 cm
12 x 12.5 x 9.5 cm – Ceramic