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M-PETS Dental Water for Dogs & Cats 300ml

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Say goodbye to pet breath problems with M-PETS Dental Water, the ultimate oral hygiene solution designed specifically for your furry friend. This innovative dental care water is formulated to freshen your pet's breath and promote overall oral health, ensuring a happy and healthy smile.

Fresh Breath: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with M-PETS Dental Water. Formulated to eliminate bad breath, this dental care water leaves your pet's breath smelling clean and fresh.

Reduce Tartar: Tackle tartar build-up with ease. M-PETS Dental Water works to reduce tartar accumulation, helping to maintain your pet's dental health and prevent dental issues down the line.

Healthy Gums: Promote healthy gums and prevent gum disease with regular use of M-PETS Dental Water. By supporting gum health, this oral hygiene solution helps keep your pet's mouth comfortable and free from discomfort.

Odorless & Tasteless: Gentle and non-intrusive, M-PETS Dental Water is odorless and tasteless, ensuring that your pet's drinking experience remains enjoyable while still reaping the benefits of improved oral hygiene.

Directions for Use:
Simply shake well before use, then mix 10ml of M-PETS Dental Water with 500ml of your pet's normal drinking water. Incorporate this mixture into your pet's daily routine to maintain optimal oral health effortlessly.