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VetaFarm Spark Liquid Concentrated Electrolyte and Energy Bird Supplement

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Size: 250ml
Spark Liquid is a concentrated electrolyte and energy supplement for addition to drinking water.

Key Features:
- Hydrates and supports birds during times of extreme temperature and during transportation or during showing
- Provides energy and electrolytes to assist birds in recovery from illness or stress
- Will increase vigour and vitality in birds on show or on display for sale
- Prepared solution can be administered directly in emergency situations to provide fast acting energy

Recommended for:
Use in aviary birds drinking water during times of extreme temperature or as a first aid supplement for sick, stressed or injured birds. Also an invaluable tool for birds in transport or on show.

Can use with:
Spark Liquid is a welcome addition to a bird keeper’s first aid kit, along with Poly-Aid Plus and Avian Crittacare.

Add 20mL to 1L of drinking water. Use as the sole source of water and prepare fresh solution daily.