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VetaFarm Power Shampoo for Birds

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Shampoo to improve the shine of feathers in birds. Key Features:- Improves skin and feathers condition in birds.- Protects from feather damage and improves the appearance and performance of feathers.

Recommended Use: It is recommended to use it to clean the feathers and skin of birds and to improve the appearance of feathers.

Active Ingredients: Tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil.


1. Add 2 ml of shampoo to 2 liters of clean warm water.

2. Gently submerge the bird in the solution until all of the feathers are wet. Gently massage the feathers until all dirt and stains are removed.

3. Rinse the birds in a separate bowl of clean water.

4. Dry the bird carefully with a towel or let it air dry.