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VetaFarm Pigeon Blud Bird Dietary Supplement

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A dietary supplement to enhance blood function of carrier pigeons. Key Features:- Pigeon Blud tablets provide the essential elements that increase the number of blood cells to increase the level of oxygen reaching the muscles.- The minerals supported by a protein inside the product speed up the complete absorption of essential elements to improve blood productivity.- Optimal red blood cells and hemoglobin levels help to improve the ability to carry oxygen, which leads to an increase in having a more physically fit and high-endurance bird.

Recommended Use: The product helps to improve the performance of the carrier pigeons to maintain their own physical fitness and increase their stamina.

Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains: 3 mg iron propionate 0.0 mg cobalt propionate 0.0 mg copper propionate 0.01 mg Vitamin B12 5,5 mg zinc propionate 0.04 mg folic acid

Directions: One tablet is given daily in the bathroom for three weeks, then one tablet twice a week during racing season.

Storage: Store at a temperature below 20° C (room temperature). Size: Pack of 100 tablets