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VetaFarm Falcon Rehab Powder Recovery Supplement

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Size: 100 g

Supports recovery and rehabilitation after trauma or illness.

Key Features:
- Multi-nutrient formula supports recovery and rehabilitation
- Stimulates the immune system following trauma or illness
- Supports digestive function and promotes recovery

Developed by avian veterinarians, Falcon Rehab Formula provides a specialised combination of nutrients that aid in muscle repair, immune functionand the general recovery of falcons following illness or trauma. Falcon Rehab Formula is designed to be used after a bird is stabilised (can be used following Falcon Poly-Aid) to assist in rehabilitation of a bird back to full health. This unique quail flavoured supplement is dusted directly onto feed items, ensuring a stress-free method of supplementation for falconer and falcon alike.

Per kg: Vitamins A 500,000 IU, B1 235mg, B2 600mg, D3 125,000 IU, E 1.25g, L-Glutamine 25g, Arginine 39.5g, Histidine 14.5g, Leucine 41.6g, Lysine 33g, Methionine 7.2g, Phenylalanine 27.2g, Copper Ions 200mg, Fe Ions 850mg, Manganese Ions 487.5mg, Potassium Ions 17.6g, Zinc Ions 550mg, Probiotics 60g.

Sprinkle 1 scoop of powder over the prey item and feed to the bird as normal. The formula should be applied to a prey item once daily until the falcon has made a full recovery.

Designed to be used during training season and hunting season.
Powerful product for muscle creation and care.
Essential amino acids for muscle repair and recovery.
Source of L-Glutamine to help prevent destructive muscle breakdown and replenish vital energy to repair muscle tears.