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VetaFarm Falcon Moulting Aid Powder - Quail flavor

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Size: 100g

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids to aid moulting.

Key Features:
-Vitamins and essential amino acids for optimal feather growth
-Unique formula ensures rapid nutrient uptake and robust feather development
-Quail flavoured powder for stress
-Free administration to feed items

Developed by avian veterinarians, Falcon Moulting Aid provides a specialised combination of vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals to support a healthy moult and robust feather development. This unique quail flavoured supplement is dusted directly onto feed items, ensuring a stress-free method of supplementation for falconer and falcon alike.

Per kg: Vitamins A 89,300 IU, B1 58mg, B2 28mg, B3 132mg, B5 85mg, B6 56mg, D 8,075 IU and E 30 IU, Copper 1,330mg, Cobalt 50mg, Iron 123mg, Manganese 4,900mg, Potassium 21g, Zinc 8,100mg, Lysine 45g, L-Glutamine 9g, Choline Chloride 300mg, Histidine 17g, Threonine 25g and Isoleucine 5g.

Sprinkle 1 scoop of Falcon Moulting Aid over each feed item before feeding.
Falcon Moulting Aid should be used with every feed 4 weeks before, and every feed throughout the moulting season to provide nutrients required for optimum feather growth.