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VetaFarm Falcon Liverpro - Quail-flavored Liver Protection Powder Supplement

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Size: 100g

Liver protection and rejuvenation.

Key Features:
- Protects. Concentrated milk thistle extract provides anti-inflammatory action and actively supports liver rejuvenation
- Controls Free radicals. Vitamins E & C support liver recovery and cleansing through the control of free radicals
- Rejuvenates. Amino acids provide support for liver repair and regeneration
- Quail Flavoured. For easy administration on prey items

Recommended Use:
Liver damage and disease remains one of the most common health concerns in falcons. Falcon Liverpro is ideal for hunting falcons recovering from stress, antibiotics and liver disease.

Active Constituents:
Silymarin (milk thistle extract), soy protein isolate, vitamin E, vitamin C, amino acids (lysine & methionine) and quail flavour.