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Simple Solution Chew Ctopper For Dog

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Simple Solution chew stopper contains a bitter-tasting spray-on formula that when applied to an area such as furniture, wood, or footwear example will discourage your pet from nibbling and chewing due to the foul taste. Apply to any area where your pet may cause unwanted damage, and re-apply regularly.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple Solution Chew Stopper is a safe and effective way to prevent pets from biting and chewing
  • The foul-tasting formula can be applied to any surface that needs protecting
  • Dogs associate areas sprayed with chew stoppers as unpleasant and learn not to chew areas or items that have been marked as such
  • This effective deterrent also discourages chewing and licking at the skin, hot spots, bandages and stitches
  • Handy trigger action spray makes it easy to apply