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Ocean Nutrition Marine Quintet Carnivore Fish Food

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General Information:
A combination of five premium single ingredients (Artemia, rotifers, squid, chopped cockle and chopped krill superba) in one package to bring variation to the menu for your marine fish.

Ingredients: Artemia, rotifers, squid, chopped cockle and
chopped krill Superba.

Recommended For: Nano Reef, Blowfish, Angels, Angels - Pygmy Angels, Shrimps, Damsels, Groupers, Blow- and Pufferfish, Mandarins - Cardinals, Hawkfish, Soft Corals, Invertebrates, Basslets, Gobies, Blennies, Boxfish, Surgeonfish, Pufferfish, Mandarins, Hard Corals, Crustaceans ,Anthias, Gobies - Blennies, Cardinals, Damsels - Anthias, Clownfish, Butterflyfish, Basslets - Groupers, Pygmy Angels.