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Moochie Casserole With Turkey - Weight Control Pouch Dog Wet Food

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Moochie is a pet food initiated by a group of people who call themselves ‘pet parents’ that passionate about their pets and treat them like members of the family. Every menu is created not only to meet nutritional levels but also to meet the satisfaction and overall well-being of your pet. WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY PETS HAS THEIR OWN NEEDS SO OUR RECIPES are designed to meet a dog’s SPECIFIC nutritional needs. Pets with different breeds and lifestyles may require different diets JUST LIKE HUMAN who always adds extra care to their diets to improve their needs such as beautiful skin, and a firm body.

Ingredients :
Chicken, Turkey, Beef Liver, Potato Modified Starch, Amino Acid, Chicken Liver, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Green Pea, Sunflower Oil, Minerals, Thickening Agents, Vitamins, Pre-biotic, Coconut Oil, L-Carnitine, Caramel.
Complete & Balanced Nutrition - formula meets the nutritional standards established by AAFCO.
Human-Grade / Human-Grade Ingredients - Made from premium ingredients all human-edible.
Grain-free - safe for pets who are allergic to wheat or gluten.
Sweet Potato - High in dietary fiber, they help keep your pet's digestion smooth and regular. And also contains multivitamins and Anthocyanin which act as antioxidants, anti-aging, and help repair cells.
Pumpkin has a high concentration of vitamin A (beta-carotene) and contains a lot of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure, improves muscle health, and assists your pet’s metabolism.
Prebiotics - support good bacteria that aid in improving digestion, help nutrients be absorbed better, and immune system work to its best.
Green Pea - Excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber contains lutein, an anti-oxidant good for skin, heart, and eye health.
Turkey - Rich source of Protein and High-Density Lipoprotein for general growth
L-Carnitine - Metabolic booster, turns fat into energy, lose and maintain weight