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Moochie Casserole With Duck - Boost Immune Pouch Dog Wet Food

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Moochie dog food that meets each dog's health needs. Because we understand that each dog has different needs - Complete and balanced nutrition according to AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) - Grain-free - Selected quality ingredients of the same grade as the people who eat it.

Human-grade - Free of artificial colors and flavors - Free from preservatives Boost Immune Formula Duck Meat, Cranberry, Goji Berries, and Green Apple Duck Meat - Rich in muscle-building protein. And strengthen the immune system

Green apples and cranberries are rich in vitamins and fiber to help strengthen the digestive system.

And urinary system · Goji berry - rich in vitamins. minerals and antioxidants Help strengthen the immune system.

Prebiotics - help strengthen the absorption of food and the digestive system to work better.