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Juwel Multilux Day 9000K LED Tube

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The special light spectrum of the energy-saving LED Day makes the most of the natural colours in your animal and plant world. The energy-saving LED Day light medium with bright, invigorating light, ensures brilliant illumination of the aquarium and promotes plant growth at the same time.

Key Features:
Brilliant colour effects.
Colour temperature of 9000 Kelvin ensures bright and invigorating light.
Promotes plant growth.
Ideally combinable with LED

Available Sizes:
- 12 Watts (Length: 438 mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)
- 14 Watts (Length: 590mm, Diameter: 16mm.)
- 19 Watts (Length: 742mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)
- 23 Watts (Length: 895mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)
- 29 Watts (Length: 1047mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)
- 31 Watts (Length: 1200mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)