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Juwel Multilux Colour 4425K LED Light

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The energy-saving LED Colour lighting medium emphasises blue and red colours and thereby highlights the colourful splendour of the fish and plants in your aquarium.

Only suitable for MultiLux LED. Not compatible with T5 light units.

Key features:
Highlights red and blue tones effectively.
Ideally combinable with Juwel LED DAY.

Available Sizes:
- 12 Watts (Length: 438mm, Diameter: 16mm.)
- 14 Watts (Length: 590 mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)
- 19 Watts (Length: 742 mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)
- 23 Watts (Length: 895mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)
- 29 Watts (Length: 1047mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)
- 31 Watts (Length: 1200mm, Diameter: 16 mm.)