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JurrassiPet JurassiQuench Enriched Water Source for Insects & Arachnids

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JurassiQuench the only calcium and vitamin C enriched water source for insects and arachnids. Eliminates extra costs due to drowned insects (water bowls) and eliminates the need for unsightly moldy sponges. JurassiQuench replicates as closely as possible the nutritional value of commonly used orange slices, and includes both vitamin C and calcium. Not all competing products contain calcium and none include vitamin C. The absence of calcium and vitamin C limits the nutritional benefit of prey items.


Calcium and Vitamin C enriched water source
No more drowned insects or moldy sponges
Ideal for pets as well e.g. hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, etc.

Simply place a "chunk" of product in the insects' cage. Replace when it becomes noticeably dehydrated. No other water source is necessary.