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JurrassiPet JurassiFruit Strawberry Appetite Stimulator Spray

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JurassiFruit is an all natural scented appetite stimulator. Simply spray JurassiFruit onto any food item to elicit a feeding response. Ideal for all reptiles, especially herbivores (tortoises and iguanas). To renew the interest of finicky carnivores, try our garlic-based JurassiGuard.


All natural strawberry scented odor and flavor enhancer
Ideal for all reptiles, especially herbivores (tortoises and iguanas)
Helpful in getting juveniles to begin eating pelleted foods or transitioning adults to new diets

Spray food before feeding. When spraying pelleted diets, let food soak for 3 minutes and then feed. There is no danger of overdosing so use as liberally or sparingly as you Þnd best suits your animal.