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JBL Solar Tropic T8 Flourescent Tube

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T8 sunlight fluorescent tube Solar for perfect aquarium plantgrowth.

Key Features:
• Fluorescent tube SolarWith full-spectrum modelled on sunlight for perfectgrowth of all aquarium plants.
• Easy to install: insert fluorescent T8 tube socket into the fixture and turn until the tubeLocks into place.
• Ideal colour temperature for aquatic plants: 4000 Kelvin - slightlyWarmLight, best colour rendering: colour rendering index 1A - verygood. Best possible inhibition of algae: full photosynthetic performance.
• Energy-efficient and high yielding: energy efficiency class B. Scientifically tested by IFMgeomar: continuousLight spectrum of the JBL fluorescent tubes - comparable to natural sunlight.

58W: 150cm