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JBL ProScan Water Test with Analysis via Smartphone for Freshwater Aquariums

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Water test With analysis via smartphone for freshwater aquariums.

Key Features:
•Water analysis and diagnosis via smartphone: easy and safe control of theWater values in freshwater aquariums. For the measurement of:gneral hardness, carbonate hardness, pH value, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine and CO2 calculation.
• The newgeneration ofWater analysis: download ProScan app free of charge, insert test strip into aquariumWater, position strip on colour chart for analysis, scan colour chart, values are determined.
• Fast diagnosis - precise results: test value results are displayed as numbers and additionally evaluated (good/medium/poor). Additional recommendations for optimal values in freshwater aquariums and ponds.
• CompatibleWith iPhone and iPad: iOS 7.0 or higher, Android version 4.0 or higher and a cameraWith autofocus needed.