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JBL Proflora m601 CO2 Diffuser Extension

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CO2 fertiliser system for the best feeding of fast and slow growing plants in freshwater aquariums from 100 to 600 l
Easy use and efficient: refillable 500 g cylinder. Simple assembly, no separate water pump required. Can be converted into disposable system
Professional water care: precise dosing due to pressure reducer. Even release. Effective distribution due to extendable diffuser. Best check of CO2: bubble counter and CO2/pH test. Residual pressure display on pressure gauge
TÜV tested storage cylinder, pressure cylinder with overpressure relief, stand ensures cylinder does not fall over. Hose screw connection prevents hose from slipping, check valve prevents water entering the cylinder
Package contents: CO2 plant fertiliser system ProFlora m601, incl. refillable 500g CO2 cylinder, fitting, stand, pressure reducer, diffuser JBL Taifun 27 cm, bubble counter, 2 m special hose, backflow stop, CO2/pH permanent test