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JBL ProFlora m503 Plant Fertiliser System with pH Control.

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Aquarium plant fertiliser system With pH control.

Key Features:
• CO2 fertiliser systemWith automatic pH control for the best feeding of fast and slowgrowing plants in freshwater aquariums from 100 to 600Litres.
• Easy and efficient to use: refillable 500g cylinder. Simple assembly, no separateWater pump required. Can be converted into disposable system.
• ProfessionalWater care, automatic control: precise dosing thanks to pressure reducer, even release, effective distribution due to extendable diffuser, check: bubble counterWith backflow stop. Residual pressure display on pressuregauge.
• TÜV tested storage cylinder, pressure cylinderWith overpressure relief, stand ensures cylinder does not fall over. Hose screw connection prevents hose from slipping, check valve preventsWater entering the cylinder.