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JBL ProFlora CO2 Calibration Set

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Professional use of pH electrodes for aquariums: complete set for calibration
Easy to use: fill calibration solutions into cuvettes. Immerse pH electrode in calibration solutions according to instructions and rinse afterwards
pH electrodes need to be readjusted (calibrated) every 30 - max. 60 days. To do this, they are immersed in calibrationLiquidsWith agiven pH value and the device then readjusts itself
Only 5-10ml calibrationLiquid is needed per calibration procedure. Then rinseWith distilledWater (included in the set)
Package contents: calibration set for pH electrodes, incl. calibration solution pH 7 and pH 4 (50ml each), distilledWater for rinsing (50ml), 3 cuvettes