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JBL Manado Dark Substrate for Freshwater Aquariums

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Perfect for the plant care in freshwater aquariums. Its porous structure promotes thegrowth of roots. Suitable for digging fish.

Nutrient buffer With high iron content. Is capable of storing excess nutrients, to release them againWhen needed. The high iron content is absorbed by plant roots.

Activates the soil flora by motivating the quick and effective colonisation of beneficialground bacteria. This inhibits thegrowth of unwanted algae, reducing theWork-load on the filter and ensuring crystal-clearWater.

Accentuates the beauty of the fish: its dark-brown tone highlights their colours and combinesWith thegreen and red tones of the aquatic plants to create a harmonious appearance.

Ready-to-use substrate Which needs to be rinsed once in tapWater before use.