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JBL GoldPearls Food Granulate for Goldfish and Veiltails with Click Doser

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Premium main food granulate for veiltails, with Click doser.

Key Features:
• Complete nutrition, ideal growth of goldfish and veiltails: selected raw ingredients to meet all goldfish demands.
• Nutritious and easy to digest: ideal feeding conditions through sinking food pellets for fish species min. 8cm in all water layers. No air swallowing thanks to sinking food pellets.
• No water clouding: reduced algae growth thanks to balanced phosphate content, better water quality due to better digestibility of the food, which reduces fish excrement.
• Fish choose JBL food: 98.5% of all fish species ate the JBL food immediately during research expeditions in freshwaters. No processing of cheap fish meal, fish meat from fish fillet production for humans is used.