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JBL CristalProfi i60 Greenline Energy-efficient Internal Filter

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Energy-efficient internal filter for aquariums of 40-80Litres.

Key Features:
• For clean and healthy aquariumWater: internal filter for mechanical and biological filtering - for aquariums of 40-80Litres (50-60cm).
• Completely ready to connect and equippedWith filter materials: connection ofWide jet pipe or spray bar to the filter, placement of filter in the aquarium, connection of the power plug.
• Modular design: freely extendable,Water outlet pipe rotatable by 90°,Large filter volume, suction holdersWithLoosening mechanism, filter empties: dirtyWater doesn't flow back into the aquarium, for the use of all filter media, elegantly designed corner shape.
• TÜV tested, completely submersible, high energy efficiency and energy saving: 4W power consumption, 63% savings, motor technology. Maintenance-free pump: constant circulation, adjustable output: from 150-420L/h.