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JBL Artemio Complete Breeding Kit for Live Food.

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Key Features:
• Artemia nauplii home-grown in 24-48 hours: cultivation equipmentWith stand and air pump.
• Assemble culture device, connect air pump, addWater, salt and Artemia eggs, allow 24-48 hours for hatching brine shrimps to run out, and catch them in sieve. Feed crustaceans to the fish.
• Effective: maximal hatching rate as a result of the naupilia's constant movement and funnel shape, separation of the nauplia from the breedingWaterWith Artemia sieve (0.15mm mesh size), nauplia removed using harvesting container.
• Extendable by combiningWith other breeding containers, several containersWith staggered setting up times: continuous supply for sensitive young fry.