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FAT CAT® Classic Eeeks! Original Cat Toy

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The FAT CAT¨ Real Mice, it's Fat Cat Classic EEEKS¨! No need to jump on a table to exclaim EEEK!! 'cause good news Nelly...It's a fake, it's a fake. Plus, no real animal parts are used! Real soft fur and a tiny little rattle keep your kitty on the hunt for hours. Contains Zoom Around the Room¨ high-test organic catnip. Teensy rattle inside that kitties can't resist. Available in flower chic or assorted original green, orange, pink or brown mouse!
Key Benefits:
¥ Stuffed with organic catnip
¥ Rattles when batted or thrown around to help keep cats engaged
¥ Great for solo play
¥ Made of lightweight and durable material