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AquaVitro Balance pH Treatment

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Balance is an optimized blend of sodium and potassium hydroxides with a NSW ratio (27:1) of sodium to potassium to avoid ionic imbalance with long term use.


Premium AquaVitro line
Balances the carbonate buffer system ratio
Raises pH without affecting calcium and alkalinity
Hydroxide blend

Balance is intended to be used to raise pH when all other parameters (alkalinity, calcium, magnesium) are at optimal levels, but pH is still low. The amount of balance needed to raise pH to the desired level will vary widely, depending upon the buffering capacity and quality of your tank water. For reference purposes only, 5mL will raise 55L (15 US gallons) of salt water by about 0.1 pH units

Add Balance in small increments, and check pH after at least 3 minutes before adding additional increments