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Applaws Taste Topper in Broth Chicken Dog Wet Food Can

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A dog is more than a pet - they're part of the family. That's why at Applaws Taste Toppers, dog food is more than a bowl of the same dry food, every day. We created our Applaws Taste Toppers range to liven up mealtimes by simply topping bowlfuls of dry dog food with our Broths, Gravies, Jellies, Stews, Bone Broths and Fillets - dogs across the UK are lapping it up and loving the variety. It's a new and exciting natural diet for dogs - big and small.

This recipe of natural Chicken in broth has the full-on flavour to turn dry dog food into a delicious dinner that makes your dog drool with happiness.

    • 100% Natural Ingredients - Filled with all the natural ingredients that we humans eat.
    • No artificial additives - We’re changing the way we feed our pets – for good.
    • Chicken Breast - Lean and tasty, Chicken Breast is a good source of low fat protein, contributing to muscle growth and development.
  • Our topper can be served on its own or added to your favourite dry food for moisture and flavour.

Chicken Breast 75%, Chicken Broth, Rice.